Monday, October 26, 2009


Thank you, Diary Addictions (formerly known as Diary of an e-shopaholic) for reviewing Four!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Thanks, Fashion Clicks for your review on Two & Five! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


We are back! And with collection "5", Eclectic Cut brings you 5 unique dresses from Singapore. Handpicked and hand-carried back to KL for you, despite the crazy exchange rate (*chokes*). All items are 1 piece only so email me fast if you want yours! Reservations only allowed for 48hours. Cheerios!


Always, always, always mix classics with trends. Here's a dress that will take you places, wherever, through this year and next, and whenever. Structured slouch with the right shape for all the right places. Gorgeous tiny details on its thick cotton-polyester material, great ruched sleeves, tulip shaped skirt with two side pockets. From the office to far away from it, One is a easy fit.

One Colour: Grey, with the tiniest white checks
Fits Best: UK8-12
Price: RM52 Now RM39


Intricate folds masterfully created to flatter every lady, this origami inspired blue-grey dress caught Eclectic Cut's attention at first glance. Very classy, and a definite fashion statement, one of those that shouts quietly, not in a look at me britney spears way. Think posh. The material has really cool tiny details tt reminds one of jappy things. Two side pockets, 1 clincher. Yes, 1 pc! Never re-stockable.

Two Sold
Colour: Grey-light blue

Fits Best: UK8-12
Price: RM55


The black alternative to Two, this number is the creative little black dress. No clincher included with this but you can just clinch it up with by and large any belts. Think creative - red clincher, blue, green? Or play safe but good with black and sliver. Versatile chic.

Three Sold
Colour: Black as night
Fits Best: UK8-12
Price: RM52


I prefer my lace in limited quantity, and reckon them best if they invoke some kitsch or vintage feel. This one here I can't help loving. Striking cobalt blue with white lace, cute buttons and a skirt with a tier for volume. Clinched in waist from elastic ruchs on the sides, mandarin colour for an added buzz. Trendy yet it would not go out of style after the current lace trend runs its course. Mmmmm.

Five Sold
Colours: Cobalt blue & white lace
Fits Best: UK6-10
Price: RM52 Now RM39


A chiffon frock for summer days. To catch the wind and run and play. This little frock has its white inner slip sewn in so you won't need to bother about layering. Its waist is clinched and paired with a chiffon ribbon sash. Twirl about and jump and play in this pretty little number :)

Four Sold
Colour: Green & White
Fits Best: UK8-12
Price: RM45

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Around The World

The smallest nuances mark what a certain nationality's style might be. From a laid back, perpetual summer slouch to a in-your-face, quirky shout, from east to west, Eclectic Cut presents Around The World, our 11th collection gathered from KL. As usual, mostly one pieces only. Quantity marked on each post. Peace out.

American Girl

Summer breeze and casual chic. Flattering stripes with peekaboo lace. Clinched in waist and adjustable straps that can be tucked away. A perpetual fave. Green & White - Only 2 pieces avail. Blue & White - 1-piece only.

American Girl
Colours: Green/ White. Blue/ White.

Fits: UK6-10 (XS-a small M)
Price: RM45
Now RM33

English Rose

Floral prints can go so many way - as diff as Laura Ashley to Village People. But the truly timeless floral prints are those of the English Rose. Pretty as a button, very bit a lady, English Rose with her unique buttons, peekaboo eyelet lace bodice and hem, gently ruffled straps and of course, those floral prints... is a keeper. Comes with a slip with adjustable straps. 1 pc only for each colour.

English Rose (Sold Out)
Colours: Cream. Blue

Fits: UK8-12 (S-M)
Price: RM49Align Center